发布日期:2019-03-14 作者:信息科学与工程学院


报告题目:1Impact of Energy Control and Communication Infrastructures on the Operational Security of the Smart Grid—Professor Osama A. Mohammed


报告人1 Osama A. Mohammed is Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean of Research at Florida International University. He is the director of the Energy Systems Research Laboratory at the ECE Department. He has performed research on various topics in power and energy systems, design optimization and physics based modeling in electric drive systems, power electronics and other low-frequency environments. He has also performed research in the areas of electromagnetic signatures, EMI, wideband gap devices, and ship power systems modeling and analysis. He has published more than 750 articles in refereed journals and other IEEE refereed international conference records. He has 11 patents awarded or in process. His publications are highly cited and his presentations are frequently invited; at research, academic and industrial organizations and conferences worldwide. He also authored a book and several book chapters. Dr. Mohammed is a Fellow of IEEE and an elected fellow of the Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society.


报告内容1The increased penetration levels of renewables and distributed energy resources lead to increased challenges in maintaining reliable control and operation of the grid. Integrating a wide variety of systems governed by different regulations and owned by different entities to the grid increases the level of uncertainty not only on the demand side but also in terms of generation resource availability. To overcome these problems, deep integration between intelligent measurement nodes, communication systems, IT technology, artificial intelligence, power electronics and physical power system components will be implemented to manage the modern smart grid resources.